Bear notes templates with Alfred

Using the shortcut

I am a big fan of Bear and for me, the much-desired feature is support for templates. So while the Bear team works on it, here’s a workaround with Alfred.

First you will need to create a snippet in Alfred. To do that, go to Alfred Preferences > Features > Snippets and create a new one with the following markdown code:

## Meeting title

## Time

## Attendees 

## Meeting minutes

## Action items
- Item 1

Alfred supports dynamic content, so {datetime} would render the current date and time. You may also add in hashtags and such. Once you are done, you will probably end up with something like this:

Alfred snippet for recording meeting minutes with Bear

Save that, close the Alfred Preferences window and go back to Bear. In Bear, create a new note, bring up the Alfred search bar using Option + Space (default setting) and type in snip meeting.

Alfred search command to get a meeting snippet

Make sure your Bear note is in focus when you run the above command. Alfred will then paste your meeting snippet into your Bear note.

A new Bear note created with the meeting snippet

Ofcourse this is not restricted to just Bear. You could use this Alfred function with pretty much any app.

Happy note taking!

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